Part Three Schooling for Foreign Children

The Chinese education system provides six years of primary school, followed by six years of secondary education. At higher-education institutions, junior college programs take two to three years, bachelor’s programs takes four to five years, and master’ s and doctoral programs take two to three years. Each school year consists of two semesters, with each semester about 21 weeks long. The first semester begins on September 1 and ends in mid-January of the next year, and the second semester begins in early or mid-February and ends in early July. Each school year has about 10 weeks of summer and winter breaks.

The Foreign nationals, who are at least 18 years old and in good health, with qualifications equivalent to or above Chinese senior high school diploma as well as ordinary passports, may apply to enroll colleges and universities qualified for overseas students.

A foreign national wishing to attend a primary or secondary school in Wuhan, may apply for an educational residence permit according to the Measures for The Management of International Student Enrolment and Training in Schools. A foreign national wishing to attend higher education institution in Wuhan, should apply for an educational residence permit according to the Measures for The Management of International Student Enrolment and Training in Schools.

An applicant who has entered China with a regular passport and an “X” visa may apply for a residence permit with the Entry and Exit Administration Department of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau by presenting the letter of offer that he or she has received from a higher-education institution and other required documents.

School-age children of foreign nationals residing in Wuhan may apply to attend school according to related rules of Hubei Province. The Children may also choose to attend a school dedicated to foreign children in Wuhan.

List of Schools Dedicated to Foreign Children in Wuhan:

1.  Wuhan Maple Leaf International School WMLIS

WMLIS is an international school established in 2007 by Maple Leaf Education System upon the approval of Wuhan Education Bureau and Canada British Columbia Provincial Ministry of Education. As the pivotal branch school of Maple Leaf Education System, WMLIS has consistently followed the principle of “Blending the Best of East and West in Education” and brought the best quality education resources into the school.

Please Contact: Li Fengxia (Dean of the School Administration Office)

Tel: 027-81925706

Add: No.330, Minzu Avenue, East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone, Wuhan

2. Wuhan Yangtze International School
Wuhan Yangtze International School (WYIS) was established in 2003and received full accreditation status in 2008. WYIS is located in the Wuhan International Educational Centerof the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone.  The school educates children of expatriate families. WYIS has 260 foreign students from more than 20 countries and regions receiving education from pre-kindergarten to high school. The school employs more than 40 foreign teachers from countries including the United States, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. WYIS implements an American-based curriculum with an international focus using English as the main language of instruction.


Please Contact Huang Zili (Director of Human Resource Department)

Tel: 027-84238713
Add: Wuhan International Educational Center, No. 10-1 Boxue Road, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan


3. Wuhan International French School

Wuhan International French School was originally organized by the family of French expert who worked in Wuhan in 2008, and to now, the Wuhan International French School is the only one admitted by the ministry of French education in Wuhan, and has the qualification certificate issued by the education department of Hubei province. The school is strictly following the French education guidelines, which is  seamless connected to French systeme, strict adherence to the French education laws, and the graduates take the examination(senior high school entrance examination or college entrance examination), which are appointed by the French Department of Education(the result is to be accepted). The main course teacher is engaged in France, holds the French teacher qualification certificate or the equivalent professional degree, and we also has the Chinese, English, Spanish and German courses, by holding the language teaching qualification certificate or from the native country. The school runs from kindergarten to junior high school, from 2 to 17 years old, and the candidate student is non-chinese children.



Contact: YAN WENLI (Administratif)


Address: International Campus 10-1, Bo xue Lu, WEDZ, 430056