Guide for 2021 May Day holiday in Wuhan

During the upcoming May Day holiday (May 1-5), Wuhan is scheduled to roll out more than 140 cultural and tourism events, awaiting tourists from all over the country, the Information Office of the Wuhan Municipal People's Government said at a press conference on April 23.

Selected tourism events & destinations

The recommended events and destinations are: the rhododendron exhibition in the East Lake Moshan Scenic Area, the special version of the Yangtze River light show for May Day holiday, the picnic festival at the Moshan Scenic Area, East Lake, the forest life festival in the Ma'anshan Forest Park, the Strawberry Music Festival in the Wuhan Garden Expo Park, the 2021 Han Embroidery Carnival, the fireworks show at the Mulan Prairie, the photography exhibition of old architectures, theme performances at the Hankou River Beach, Wuhan Tiandi, Jiqing Street, Wuhan Polar Ocean Park, and other scenic spots.

A subsidy of up to 300 yuan

During the May Day holiday, Wuhan government plans to inject a financial subsidy of 10 million yuan into the above activities. Through the Wechat official account "Wuhan Wenhuitong" (武汉文惠通), tourists can enjoy 30%-off in tourism consumption, up to 300 yuan per person.

Transportation tips

In the five-day holiday, Wuhan subway service will start half an hour earlier than usual.

During peak hours on April 30, May 1, and May 5, Metro Lines 1, 2, 3, and 4 will increase transportation capacity, and 15,600 taxis will be on call on the road every day.

Six night buses including No. 10, 511, 525, 610, 518, and 703 will be sent out to pick and drop passengers at the railway stations.