Wuhan bans 'uncivilized behaviors' on subway

Subway passengers in Wuhan will be fined up to 200 yuan ($28.5) if they are found eating or lying down in the carriages or promoting sales during their commute, according to ChuTian Metropolis Daily.

The newly revised regulation submitted by the city's legislative body was approved at the 17th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th Hubei Provincial People's Congress on Friday, which aims to intensify the management of "uncivilized behavior" from its subway.

The new regulation has many "uncivilized behaviors" that reflected were backed strongly by the public. The bad behaviors will be deemed as violations of laws and serious cases will be dealt with by the local public security departments.

According to the regulation, subway passengers will be banned from eating, smoking, littering, spitting and defecating, playing music loudly, drawing graffiti or posting or hanging items on subway cars or at subway stations.

Commuters are not allowed to park vehicles, pile up sundries, set up stalls at the passages, entrances of stations, or within five meters of entrances without permission. It also forbids, promoting sales, or using folding bicycles, auto-balancing bikes or scooters inside subway cars or in the subway stations.

For those who indulge in the above violations and refuse to stop their actions, they will be fined from 50 to 200 yuan.

Carrying pets, live poultry and other animals are also not allowed, although exceptions can be made for disabled passengers assisted by guide dog; The prohibited carryings also include the sharp-looking items that can easily damage others, items with strong odor or are liable to deface subway facilities, and items with volume, length, and weight exceeding the specific requirements. Those who board the subway cars but are found violating the above will be asked to get off and might be fined a maximum of 100 yuan.

Besides, using fake tickets or misusing or damaging facilities that could endanger to passengers and subway operation will also be punished.