International Commercial Conciliation Services

Wuhan Conciliation Center ( hereinafter referred to as the Center), approved by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) (China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC)) and Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, is a non-governmental organization aiming at solving disputes arising in international commercial affairs independently and impartially by means of conciliation. The Center consists of experts and scholars in the fields of foreign economy, trade, finance and law who are taking in charge of correspondent affairs to promote the mutual concession between the parties and help them reach amicable settlement on the basis of willingness, legitimacy, justice and convenience. The Center has established the cooperative relations with the conciliation centers around China and international conciliation organizations in Germany , the U.S. , Britain , Japan , South Korea , Hong Kong , etc. As one of the effective methods for resolving disputes, conciliation has its unique feature of being time-saving, inexpensive and flexible in procedure, and is increasingly preferred and used by international and domestic business communities.

Wuhan Conciliation Center of CCPIT (CCOIC)

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