Resolving Contract and Other Property Right Disputes through Arbitration

    The arbitration commissions will handle the case and grant an arbitral award in light of the arbitration agreement between the parties and in accordance with the Arbitration Law of the People's Republic of China. The arbitration approach requires an arbitration agreement based on the consent of both parties. The arbitration commissions will not accept the case in the absence of an arbitration agreement. If the parties have an arbitration agreement and one party brings a lawsuit before the people's court, the court will not accept the case, unless the arbitration agreement is null and void. A system of a single and final award shall be practiced for arbitration, and the arbitral award has the same legal effect as final judgment of the People's Court. If one party refuses to carry out the arbitral award, the other party may apply for act under coercion by jurisdictional court according to relevant articles of the Civil Procedural Law of People’s Republic of China.

Demonstration arbitration articles from Wuhan Arbitration Commission: the disputes aroused by the contract or associated with the contract shall be submitted to Wuhan Arbitration Commission. The commission arbitrates according to arbitration articles that are currently in effect. The arbitration award is final, and it has binding effects for both parties.

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