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Ancient Lute Terrace

    Ancient Lute Terrace is located on the east bank of the Moon Lake near the western foot of the Tortoise Hill. The terrace is also named Boya Terrace because of a famous story. A legend has it that a famous musician in the Chu Kingdom, during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C. - 476 B.C.), Yu Boya, once was playing a piece of music here. A woodcutter, Zhong Ziqi, heard his music and understood quite well the message conveyed in the music: high mountains and flowing water. Later the two became good friends. However, when Yu Boya came back to this mountain several years later, he was extremely sad to know that Zhong Ziqi had died of illness. Knowing that there would be no one else to appreciate the beauty of his music, Yu Boya smashed his lute in grief and never again played music. Thus Ancient Lute Terrace was built to memorize their friendship. Located on the east bank of the Moon Lake near the western foot of the Tortoise Hill, the terrace boasts a quiet and beautiful scenery. Its profound cultural connotation makes it a music cultural heritage of Wuhan as well as a provincial and national key cultural relic protection unit.
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