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Cold Noodles
source: hubei.gov.cn     2017-06-12


Cold noodles (凉面) are a must-eat dish during summer. They are easy to prepare and preserve, and they keep your body temperature down and your stomach full. Cold noodles taste a lot like hot-and-dry noodles, but, unlike hot-and-dry noodles, the noodles are moist and are served cold.


The quality of the noodles and the taste of the sauce play a significant role in the overall taste of the cold noodles. People typically make cold noodles with store-bought, precooked "oil noodles," which resemble the noodles used to make hot-and-dry noodles but are slightly thinner. The noodles are spongy and able to absorb the sauce, and the sauce is an essential element when it comes to preparing cold noodles. Most people like to mix sesame or peanut paste, mashed garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, a pinch of sugar, and sesame oil together to make the refreshing yet salty sauce. Those who like strong spicy flavors often add a spoonful of chili oil to the mix.

To make authentic Wuhan-style cold noodles, four ingredients are required; they are cucumber, ham, pickled carrot, and bean sprout slices. Together, these four ingredients create a crisp yet chewy taste. If you want a fancier bowl of cold noodles, you can add in some beef or chicken slices.


Cold noodles are available at most local food stalls in the summer. Most locals know how to make cold noodles and can make them at home.

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