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Hotels (parts)

1. Shangri-La Hotel
   Tel: 4006661760
   Add: No.700, Jianshe Avenue, Hankou District


2. Howard Johnson Hotel
   Tel: 027-82776666   
   Add: No.182, Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang'an District
3. New World Hotel
   Tel: 027-83808888
   Add: No.630, Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District
4. Marco Polo Hotel
   Tel: 027-82778888
   Add: No.159, Yanjing Avenue, Jiang'an District
5. Ramada Plaza Tian Lu Hotel  
   Tel: 027-83630888
   Add: No.5, Qingnian Road, Hankou District
6. Ramada Plaza Optics Valley Hotel
   Tel: 027-87806888
   Add: No.726, Luoyu Road, Wuchang District
7. Xinhua Novotel Sofitel
   Tel: 027-85551188
   Add: No.558, Jianshe Avenue, Hankou District
8. Renaissance Hotel
   Tel: 027-86621388
   Add: No.160, Xudong Avenue, Wuchang District, Guangming Building 
9. Wanda Westin Hotel
   Tel: 027-88168888
   Add: No.96, Linjiang Avenue, Wuchang District
10.Jinjiang International Hotel
   Tel: 027-85786888
   Add: No.707, Jianshe Avenue
11. Optics Valley Kingdom Hotel
   Tel: 027-87887788
   Add: No.T1, Wujiawan, next to the Convention and Exhibition Technology Centre
12. Hongshan Hotel
   Tel: 027-87311888
   Add: No.782, Minzhu Road

English Wuhan