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Stations of Metro Line 2 renamed
source: cjweek.cjn.cn    2012-9-6 10:48:25

   On August 23, Metro Group renamed five stations on Metro Line 2 with the help of Wuhan citizens.
      The twenty-one stations of Metro Line 2 are Jinyintan, Changqing Park, Changgang Road, Hankou Railway Station, Fanhu, Wangjiadun East, Qingnian Road, Zhongshan Park, Xunlimen, Jianghan Road, Jiyuqiao, Pangxiejia, Xiaoguishan, Hongshan Square, Zhongnan Road, Baotongsi, Jiedaokou, Guangbutun, Huquan, Yangjiawan, and Guanggu Square.
       Five stations have been renamed to reflect local culture. Jinseyayuan and Mingdu Station were named after real estate; their names were changed to "Changgang Road" and "Yangjiawan" respectively. Hankou Railway Station Station has been renamed "Hankou Railway Station" to avoid repetition and pronunciation challenges. Pangxiejia Station has a homophone for the last word which vividly expresses the story of the spot's history as the site of the ancient city walls of Wuchang, walls that were built along the Pangxiejia ridge. The name Xiaoguishan replaced Tiyu South Road to make the historical places more easily recognizable.
       A reporter from the Changjiang Daily had the opportunity to experience driver training along Metro Line 2's river-crossing segment on August 27. The train first covers the steepest downhill section, a piece with a slope of 28‰, and then it starts across the river. After about 600 meters, the train climbs uphill along a slope of 25‰ and completes the crossing. The reporter was unable to feel the bumps or the downhill-uphill shifts.