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Subway ticket price hearing held
source: cjweek.cjn.cn    2012-11-28 9:00:06
    Metro Line 2 will officially open on December 28. On November 20, a hearing was held to discuss the fares for Metro Line 1, 2, and 4. 2/3 of the representatives present voted in favor of the second plan.
    The plan is as follows: RMB 2 for 9 km, RMB 3 for 14 km, RMB 4 for 21 km, RMB 5 for 30 km, and RMB 6 for 41 km. Senior citizens, individuals 65 and older, will be able to enjoy a 50% discount. Children under 1.2 meters will be able to ride for free. Individuals who spend more than 3 hours on the train must pay an overtime fee. Compared with the fare prices of 10 other cities, Wuhan's fare prices are rather low.
    Most of the representatives proposed keeping the prices affordable by making the starting fare RMB 2. Some proposed lowering the cap to RMB 4 or 5. There were also hopes for a 10% discount for credit card users and a 50% discount for students, as well as improved discounts for senior citizens and office workers. These details are still being finalized. Once everything is finalized, the price for the currently operational Metro Line 1 will be changed with the others.
    Metro Line 1 is 28.73-km long and is fully elevated. It starts at Dongwu Avenue and ends at Dijiao. Test runs for Line 1 began in 2004, and it became fully operational in 2010. Metro Line 2(1st phase) is 27.98-km long, and it runs mostly underground. It starts in Jinyitan in Hankou and ends at Optics Valley Square in Wuchang. It will be operational this December. Metro Line 4(1st phase) is 16.49-km long. All of it is underground,starting at the Wuchang Railway Station and ending at the Wuhan Railway Station. It will be operational next year.