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WuHan Overview

Welcome to the charming River City --- Wuhan!

Wuhan boasts plenty of rivers and lakes. Thanks to its increasing openness and ever-expanding international status, in particular the all-dimensional, multi-layered and wide-ranging pattern of opening-up, Wuhan has attracted a growing number of foreign friends who have come here for employment, education, sightseeing and living in recent years.

Today’s Wuhan, full of dynamism and vitality, is witnessing a rapid economic and social development, dazzling changes in urban construction and improving livelihood of the people and also on the way to become an incredibly prosperous, vigorous and promising city. For these, our heartfelt gratitude shall be extended to those friends who have always been dedicating intelligence and perspiration, showing interest and support for Wuhan’s economic growth and social development!

This Guide for Foreigners in Wuhan, wrote by the Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government is directed by Mayor Tang Liangzhi’s instruction of implementing the “Home in Wuhan” Project for the foreign nationals to find homes, make desirable settlement, enjoy the feelings of being at home as well as live in peace and work happily in Wuhan. The book contains rich and practical contents, including the up-to-date information concerning their most attentive issues such as entry and exit procedures, residence, safety, tourism and investment.

We sincerely hope that this book will provide foreign nationals in Wuhan with more help and convenience. It is also our wish for you to constantly pay close attention to Wuhan, publicize it, invest in it, construct it and make joint efforts with us to create a better future for Wuhan.