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     Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine
     Customs Regulations
     Residence Procedures
Luggage Instructions to Inbound and Outbound Personnel

1.   An inbound or outbound passenger carrying the following objects shall declare to the quarantine and inspection authority and receive inspections. Objects which have not been declared or quarantined are barred from entry or exit.

(1) Inbound animals, plants, animal and plant products and other objects subject to quarantine;

(2) Inbound and outbound microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood, blood products and other special objects;

(3) Inbound and outbound skeletons, ashes, corpses, and coffins;

(4) Inbound and outbound luggage and objects from epidemic areas or contaminated by contagious diseases or deemed possibly to transmit contagious diseases;

(5) Other carry-on luggage which shall be declared to the quarantine and inspection authority and be subject to quarantine inspection.

2.  The following objects are prohibited from entry: objects listed in Paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Quarantine of Inbound and Outbound Animals and Plants, in the Catalog of the People's Republic of China for Plants Prohibited from Entry, and in the Catalog of the People's Republic of China for Animals, Animal Products and Other Quarantine Objects Prohibited from Entry into China as Carry-on Luggage or Postal Parcels, and blood products, wastes and other objects expressly prohibited by the Chinese Government from entering China.

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