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Divorce Registration

     To register a divorce, the condition precedent is that both parties have full civil capacity. The following documents must be provided:
     1.  Both parties’ permanent household registration book, ID card, passport and other valid international travel documents (all should be the original version);
     2. Marriage certificates issued to the parties by the Chinese marriage registration authority;
     3.  The divorce agreement signed by both parties indicating that both parties agree to divorce of their free will and agree on the arrangements for the rearing of children and disposition of assets and debts (three copies);
     4.  Two large 2-inch recent color photos (full face without hat) of each party.
     Foreign-Related Marriage Registration Office of Hubei Provincial Civil Affairs Department
     Tel: 027-87582092
     Add: NO. 399, Xiongchu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
     Marriage Registration Office of Wuhan Civil Affairs Bureau
     Tel: 027-85765674
     Add: NO. 105, Gaoxiong Road, Jiang’an District
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