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Foreign guide service starts in the Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
source: hubei.gov.cn     2017-06-27


A foreign guide is provide service in the Wuhan Planning Exhibition Hall.(photo source: Changjiang Daily)

On June 23, 21 foreign volunteers started to work as guides in the Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, providing explanations of Wuhan’s city planning in 12 languages.

It marks the debut of foreign volunteer guides in Wuhan. The recruitment attracted more than 150 foreign students who hail from 53 countries to apply. Based on an overall assessment in Chinese proficiency, foreign language skills, presentation skills, reception etiquette and comprehensive accomplishment, the first batch of 21 foreign guides were selected out.

The 21 guides are students in Wuhan, coming from 20 countries as Russia, Germany, South Korea, Myanmar, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Chad, Madagascar, Peru, etc. They will give volunteer work of at least two times per month.

It was introduced that the Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall has received over 1,000 groups and 15,300 people from abroad since opening in 2012.

(hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)

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