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Wuhan International Tourism Festival 2018 to raise the curtain
source: Source: hubei.gov.cn     2018-09-14


(photo source:Hubei Daily) 

The 17th Wuhan International Tourism Festival 2018 will be inaugurated on September 15.

With 17 years of development history, Wuhan International Tourism Festival has become an influential tourism festival brand in China and a city card of Wuhan. Lasting from September 15 to October 7, this year’s festival will embrace more than 30 activities of 6 parts, including light and shadow show, international culture show, local food culture display, as well as urban leisure, camping carnival and more interactive activities, which will bring a grand feast to tourists from all over the world.

Some activities are introduced for foreign friends in Hubei as follows:

1. Optics Valley Light and Shadow Carnival 

Time: 19:30-21:30, September 15 -16

Location: Cathedral Duomo, Optics Valley Pedestrian Street

Activities: Light and shadow magic show; DJ performance.

2.French Culture Tourism Week 

Time: October 1-7

Location: Chu River Han Street

Activities: Carnival flower parade; French perfume show; Sino-French music festival; International food carnival; French fashion show.

3.Wuhan’s Breakfast Festival 

Time: October 1-7

Location: Hubu Lane; Food Culture Street, Shouyi Garden

Activities: Wuhan special snacks show;Top ten Chu cuisine cooking show; China’s National Day performance,etc.

4.Wuhan’s Night Snack Festival 

Time: October 1-7

Location: Wuhan Jiqing Folk Street

Activities: Night snack market; Handicraft market; Street dance battle competition; Jiqing folk parade, etc.

5. Vision & Colour Music Festival 

Time: 14:00-22:00, October 2-3

Location: Wuhan Garden Expo Park

Activities: Large-scale and modern stage; Multi-level and stirring acoustics.

6.The 2nd "Dream Wuhan" Light Show Excellent Works Exhibition 

Time: 19:30-22:00, October 1-7

Location: Riverbanks of the Yangtze River and the Hanjiang River

Activities: From October 1-3, the stereo equipment will be set up in the Hankow River Beach. The citizens and tourists will enjoy the light show with the music.

7.A series of activities in Orient Horse City 

Time: October 1; October 13; October 26-28

Location: Orient Horse City International Racecourse

Activities: 2018 China •  Wuhan Horse Racing Open Tournament; the 16th China •  Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival, etc.

8.The 5th Sino-French Wuhan Ecological Demonstration City Tourism Culture Festival 

Time: September 29 - October 28

Location: Caidian District

Activities: Wuhan Autumn Flower Show; Houguan Lake Wetland Park Music Fountain Performance and Half Marathon Championship, etc.

9.2018 China Automobile and Motorcycle Games 

Time: October 2-7

Location: Wuhan Sports Center

Activities: World Touring Car Cup; China Touring Car Championship; China GT Championship; China Endurance Championship; China Drift Championship, etc.

10. Wuhan Happy Valley International Street Art Festival 

Time: October 1-7

Location: Wuhan Happy Valley

Activities: Performance art; Interactive parade; Street show, etc.

11.The 2nd Golden Autumn Yunwu Mountain International Tourism Festival 

Time: September 15-November 15

Location: Yunwu Mountain, Huangpi District

Activities: Golden Autumn International Chrysanthemum Exhibition; Short Video Creative Challenge, etc.

12.The 8th Jiangan District International Kite Festival 

Time: Late September to early October

Location: Hankow River Beach

Activities: All kinds of kite competitions; Carnival, etc.


The Benefiting Activity of the 17th Wuhan International Tourism Festival 2018

Appointment time: 9:00-24:00, September 17-30

Tour time: October 1-14

Activities: 300,000 free admission e-tickets will be sent through the online real-name appointment method. Applicants will be allowed to visit 28 scenic spots, special cultural tourism spots and sports events for free, from October 1 -14.(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)

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