Wuhan's first foreign-related police service team makes public appearance


The members of the foreign-related police team will wear a blue armband while on duty. (photo provided by Wu Hao)
The first foreign-related police team in Wuhan made its public appearance on March 12, 2019. Each of the team members could speak at least two kinds of languages, totally covering English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.
As the first professional police team skilled in foreign languages, the 100 team members will patrol on the street with a blue armband, coping with foreign-related policing.
For clarity, the blue armband, reading “Wuhan Police” and the language service that the police officer could provide, is specially designed.
During the 7th Military World Games, the team will take up positions at the competition venues and athletes’ village to give first-time service and crime-fighting.
The foreign-related police team will be preserved as an essential force to work for the city’s international construction even though the Military World Games in Wuhan ended in October. (hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)