Smart Shuishan, Nickname of 7th CISM Military World Games volunteers


Shuishan, city tree of Wuhan
The Executive Commission of the 7th CISM Military World Games announced the nickname and slogan for the 250,000 volunteers on May 12 in Wuhan, the host city for the event.
Of the 250,000 volunteers who will serve in the games, there will be 20 volunteer ambassadors, around 100 core volunteers, 50,000 volunteers who will work in the games' sports venues, and 200, 000 volunteers who will serve in the streets and at public venues across the city.
The nationwide collection for the slogan and the nickname of the volunteers of the 7th CISM Military World Games started last year. After a careful assessment of the submissions, the panel of experts decided that the slogan would be ‘Be Heroes behind the Glory (聚志愿力量 铸军运辉煌)’,  and the nickname would be ‘Smart Shuishan (小水杉)’.
Experts believe that the slogan is catchy and easy to pronounce, expressing the great  enthusiasm, support and anticipation of all sectors of the community for the Military World Games; ‘Smart Shuishan (小水杉)’ is named after China's endemic tree species Metasequoia. The trunk of Metasequoia is straight and the branches and leaves are neat, symbolizing the tall and straight posture of the soldiers. Additionally, as the city tree of Wuhan, the shuishan’s resilience to tough weather makes it the ideal embodiment of the hardworking and cooperative spirit of the volunteers. ( by Ruan Xinqi)