2019 Wuhan Design Biennale kicks off


On November 1, the Wuhan Design Day & 5th Wuhan Design Biennale was kicked off at the former site of Heping Packing Plant, a century-old industrial architecture in Wuhan.
This is a second international design gala since November 1, 2017, when Wuhan was selected as UNESCO “City of Design”. It mainly presents the art and delicacies of engineering, fashion, transport, urban construction, industry and clothing in the city under the theme of “Delicate City”.
15 UNESCO Creative Cities from 13 countries participated in the event. At the launching ceremony, Heping Packing Plant was honored “Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation” by UNESCO for its efforts in protection and reutilization project.
From this year on, Wuhan designates November 1 as Wuhan Design Day and intends to take the Day as an opportunity to deeply integrate into global creative cities network. (hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)