Global finals of World Memory Championships undergoing in Wuhan


Foreign contestants are in competition, at the Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center, on December 5. (photo by Cai Jun/ Hubei Daily) 

The 28th World Memory Championships Global Finals 2019 was opened on December 4, at the Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center in Wuhan, capital city of central China’s Hubei Province. 500 contestants from 40 countries and regions gathered together to compete for global champion of the event in four days.

The World Memory Championships, also known as the Olympics of the brain - the world's most challenging mental contest - tasks competitors with memorizing as much information as possible within a certain time frame. It has taken place annually since 1991 and is organized by the World Memory Sports Council.

The tournament has four categories, including children, juniors, adults and seniors, in 10 different disciplines, including facial recognition and names, and binary and random number remembering.

It is the first time for the event to land in central China. “I believe it will be a wonderful competition, and many new world records would be set here. Wuhan is selected as the host city for its well-developed technology, best universities and education, ” Raymond Keene, founder of the World Memory Championships, said. ( by Ruan Xinqi)