Fifth railway station in Wuhan under plan


On January 7, the Wuhan municipal government released the news that a new railway station will break ground within this year in Hanyang District, marking appearance of the fifth railway station in the city.

Wuhan will follow Beijing to become the second city in China boasting five railway stations .

At present, there are three railway stations (i.e., Wuchang Railway Station, Hankou Railway Station and Wuhan Railway Station) running and one under construction in the city. The being-built Optics Valley Railway Station, started in 2015, is expected to be operational in 2020.

The new railway station in Hanyang, named Wuhan West Railway Station, is targeting a large-scale transportation hub, as well as the start of Wuhan-Shiyan High-speed Railway. With total investment of tens of billion yuan, it will start construction in 2020.  ( by Ruan Xinqi)