Working people in Wuhan in snow


Blanketed in snow and sleet, Wuhan is bracing for this inconvenience.

Based on the latest weather forecast released by the Wuhan Meteorological Service and the situation on containing the novel coronavirus in the city, Wuhan initiated second-level emergency response to disasters caused by low temperature and sleet.

Urban management officers, sanitation workers and community workers are making every effort to minimize the impacts resulted from rain and snow. Meanwhile, multiple measures have been taken to ensure heating at the front line of the epidemic control efforts.

According to Wuhan Meteorological Service, the snow is forecasted to turn into rain on the evening of Feb. 15, with the lowest temperature close to 0 ℃. On Feb. 16, the weather will clear up while the temperature is predicted to drop to - 4 ℃ ~ - 3 ℃.


The sleet in the city provides both advantages and disadvantages in containing the novel coronavirus.

On one hand, snowfall can clean the air by settling the fine particles into the ground. On the other hand, as cold environment is conducive for the propagation of the novel coronavirus, it will be easier for viruses or bacteria to hide in these particles. So experts remind the citizens not to touch the snow directly with hands.