Pakistani couple blessed by Wuhan and their newborn baby


▲ Jawad Iftikhar (L) and the doctor Ren Wei (R) who delivers baby for Bushra Bibi 

Bushra Bibi, 32-year-old Pakistani who is now studying for her doctorial degree at Wuhan University, has just given birth to a baby girl via cesarean section at Women and Children's Hospital of Hubei Province on March 9. Before leaving the hospital, Bushra and her husband, Jawad Iftikhar, shared their experience during the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan with our reporter on March 14.

"We never want to leave Chinese people alone, and we are confident Wuhan will get through very soon," said Jawad. The couple came to Wuhan to study in 2018. Since then, they have developed a deep affection for the city and its people.

Bushra said that they really appreciated all the help they received from all sectors since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. "The local communities, hospital and Wuhan University are all taking care of us like as if we were at home."

According to Bushra, the workers in their community always helped them with their daily life, such as the online shopping and the transportation. Meanwhile, her university is continuously in touch with her to see if there is anything they need help with. "We are really happy that our two countries are like brothers. From every step, they prove it that they stand with each other in every difficult situation," Bushra added.

Bushra considered her daughter as a blessing. "This is one of the greatest memories that I will never forget. I will tell my daughter she is very lucky to receive congratulations and welcome from so many people. I will save all the footage and show her in the future."

The couple plans to return to Pakistan after the coronavirus outbreak to enjoy time with their family. Then they will head back to Wuhan to continue their life here.