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Miniature master aspires for inheritance
source: Changjiang Weekly     2017-10-09


Left: Part of the enlarged picture Watermagin 

Right:Portraits of figures from Watermagin (5×2 cm) 

Amazing masterpieces such as the carvings of the picture of Qu Yuan chanting poems in half of a tiger's whisker, the whole Analects of Confucius in a dental film of 56.25 square centimeters, and 360 English letters in a 2-millimeter-long hair, are a piece of cake for Shi Lifeng, a Wuhan citizen. At present he has completed more than 60 themed miniatures which are all colored engravings. His miniature in 2007 The Five Hundred Arhats in a mammoth ivory chip of 3 cm in width and 10 cm in length is in a collection of the National Museum of China.

Shi thinks that miniaturization is an artistic sublimation as it involves not only understanding of fine cutting, but also high art sensitivity. "A human's pulse amplitude is 0.03 millimeters, and such slight vibration will get amplified if delivered to a knifepoint via the fingers. As each stroke of a miniature carving is done between pulse intervals, to successfully complete the job, one should manage his breathing very carefully so as to extend the pulse intervals."

se intervals." Shi has written articles on his miniature engraving techniques. The article's content includes the selection and production of special tools used for miniature engraving, along with pictures and videos for those with an interest to study further.

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