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Garbage disposal sites to become urban parks
source: Changjiang Weekly     2017-11-06

Wuhan Environmental Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd. revealed on October 19 that three former garbage disposal sites — Daishan, Beiyangqiao, and Zixiaguan — will be ecologically restored and turned into green urban parks within two years.

At the Beiyangqiao site, work has already begun on this eco-friendly project. After its completion, it will become an important landscape park in the Yangchun Lake Business Zone. The zone is regarded as "a window area" of Wuhan because it is close to the Wuhan Railway Station.

These garbage disposal sites, situated respectively in Jiang'an, Hongshan, and Hanyang districts, became operational in the 1980s and 1990s. They were subsequently closed due to having reached their capacities.

Wuhan will restore them with initiatives using sewage disposal, aerobic processing, and a number of other ecologically remedial technologies with the goal of transforming these "garbage mounds" into urban parklands. To expedite progress, the company will pay attention to the introduction of plants, such as grass, shrubs, and arboretums.

The projects are scheduled to be completed in two years, and an area of nearly 900,000 square meters of "green urban parks" is expected to be created. Residents will benefit greatly from an improved environment.

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