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Hubei reports the employment status of foreign residents
source: hubei.gov.cn     2018-01-11

The number of permanent foreign residents in Hubei has reached 19 million. During past five years, a total of 1,724 foreigners came to Hubei to seek career opportunities from 82 countries which spreads over five continents all over the world, most of them were engaged in the automotive industry, according to a report released by the Hubei Department of Human Resources and Social Security recently.

The report also shows that Japan, South Korea, United States, India, France, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Italy are the top ten source countries with 57 percent of the foreigners are of Asian origin; 81 percent of the foreigners are residing in Wuhan, followed by Yichang and Xiangyang cities; 25 percent of them are working in the automotive industry, topping the hotel and catering industry (18 percent), the mechanical and computer industry (17 percent) and other fields like trade, biomedicine, education, culture & sports and tourism; private enterprises, foreign - funded enterprises and joint ventures are the top three that attracts foreigners to take jobs and start business, accounting for 44 percent, 36 percent and 12 percent, respectively .

(hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi) 
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