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Two metro lines to open in the Optics Valley
source: hubei.gov.cn     2018-02-28

Two metro lines will open before the 2019 Spring Festival in Optics Valley in Wuhan, said Wuhan Metro Group on February 24, 2018.

The first phase of line 11 (east section) will be operational in October of this year. Connecting the Optic Valley Station with Zuoling, this line will be 19.8 km long and serve 13 stations.

The extension project of line 2 to the south will be opened in January 2019. With a length of 13.4 km, it will serve 10 stations between the Optics Valley square and Fozuling.

According to Wuhan Metro Group, 9 metro lines with a total length of 138 km are expected to be built in the East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone (Optical Valley) between 2014 and 2049. (hubei.gov.cn)

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