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Foreign students seek employment in Wuhan
source: hubei.gov.cn     2018-04-04


On March 31, a job fair was held in Wuhan Future City, in the East Lake Development Zone. Among the many jobseekers, many faces aroused interests. They are foreigners who are studying in Wuhan.

The job fair has attracted more than 1,700 job seekers, among who twenty to thirty foreign students.

Dennis, a student in international law at Wuhan University is one of the candidates. This young Russian man would like to find a job related to law. "Drafting or reviewing contracts for example," he said.

Many foreign students said they are optimistic about Wuhan's prospects and are interested in the companies of international characters.

Foreign students are allowed to work without experience in Wuhan since last year. According to the Office of Entrance and Exit Control, foreign students who have been recruited by companies in the Hubei FTA and Wuhan pilot reform areas can apply for the work-related residence permit after obtaining the diploma. The experiments required by the Z visa are no longer necessary.(en.hubei.gov.cn)

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