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Online application for permanent residence available
source: Changjiang Weekly     2018-05-09

The Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Talent Recruitment revealed on April 16 that the online application for permanent residence in China, which is accessible by high- level foreign professionals living in Wuhan, is now available.

According to the newly issued regulations, the bureau has been empowered to confirm and recommend the high-level foreign talents who are working in the Wuhan comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zone to appy for permanent residence in China.

Five categories of foreign talents will benefit from the new regulations. They include winners of the Yellow Crane Friendship Award, individuals included in the Wuhan Yellow Crane Talent Program, the Wuhan City Partner Program, and the 3551 Optics Valley Talent Program (the East Lake High-tech Development Zone), as well as the Chedu Industrial Leading Talent (Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone).

Their online applications for the recommendations will be reviewed within three working days after it is filed. If it passes the initial review, the materials will be passed on for broader review over five days. Upon finishing the second stage, the applicant will be officially recommended. The applicant can then go to the Exit and Entry Administration of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to apply for permanent residence with the recommendation.

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