2019 Wuhan Marathon Swimming starts registration

The 2019 Wuhan Marathon Swimming, slated for June 2 at the East Lake Scenic Area, starts registration on May 6.

Same as last year, the 2019 Wuhan Marathon Swimming consists of a 10 kilometers competitive swimming (including male and female groups), as well as a 2 kilometers health swimming for teams, attracting professional swimmers from home and abroad.

Both the official website (http://swimming.wuhanmarathon.org) and the WeChat account "武汉水马" are available for registration. If the registered participants exceed the limit, a random draw will be carried out to determine the finalists.

From this year, the Wuhan Marathon Swimming will be included in the regular swimming system of the Chinese Swimming Association, bringing a high-profile national sports event.(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)