Wuhan’s service outsourcing up 34.26 pct in 2018

The 2019 Global Service Outsourcing Summit was held on May 7 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, with the presence of transnational corporations such as eBay, IBM and Infosys.

Consisting of a series of forums around topical issues such as digital commerce, digital economy and digital service, this summit aims to promote international trade and cooperation in trade in services and outsourcing services, as well as to improve the influence and competitiveness of Wuhan City in this regard.

According to report on the development of outsourcing in China published at the opening ceremony, in 2018 subcontracting contracts made by Wuhan amounted to 2.24 billion dollars, up 34.26 percent, including 1.471 billion U.S.dollars for domestic contracts and 0.769 billion U.S.dollars for overseas contracts.

The report also shows that 87 countries and regions in the world outsourced their services to Wuhan last year, led by Hong Kong, the United States, the Philippines, Singapore and the countries in Middle East. (hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)