Wuhan to reduce shared bicycles to 580,000


By the end of September, the second reduction of shared bicycles will have been implemented, with the number of shared bicycles cut from 765,000 to 580,000, announced by the Wuhan Municipal Transportation Commission on July 9, 2019.

In June 2018, a third party was commissioned to evaluate the service quality of Mobike, Ofo and Hellobike and made a first reduction based on assessment results, cutting the total number of shared bicycles from 1,030,000 to 880,000.

Since the end of last year, shared bicycles in Wuhan have decreased from 880,000 to 765,100, with the decline of Ofo. However, this number still far exceeds the city's capacity of 400,000, which makes a second round of reduction necessary, according to the Wuhan Municipal Transportation Commission.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the new reduction, the Commission will set a target for shared bike companies so as to make measures put in place by the end of August.

The number of shared bikes in Wuhan is supposed to be reduced from 765,100 to 580,000. A total of 185,100 shared bikes, including 80,000 Mobike and 100,000 Hellobike, will be removed out of city.

(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)