Hubei’s first 5G technology exhibition unveiled in Wuhan


A  citizen experiences the 5G mobile phone in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.(Chutian Metropolis Daily/Qu Yan) 

On August 6, Hubei’s first 5G technology exhibition was unveiled at the Wuhan Museum of Science and Technology, in Hubei Province’s capital city Wuhan. The exhibition is scheduled to last until early September.

The exhibition integrates experience with popularization of science. Visitors are accessible to 5G mobile phone video calls, VR glasses, AR medical treatment, 5G robots, virtual driving, cloud games and other 5G cutting-edge applications.

The exhibition also demonstrates the evolution of communication technology from 1G to 5G, basic principles of communication, 5G technology’s characteristics and its development in Hubei. It showcases the province's latest applications in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, AR/VR and ultra-high definition live video stream, etc.

Yiwu, the secretary-general of Hubei Provincial Institute of Communications, highlighted that Hubei had built 4,993 5G base stations by the end of July, ranking third in China, after Guangdong and Beijing. In 2021, Hubei would build 50,000 5G base stations to take lead in the country.

5G terminals will be officially launched in Wuhan from mid-to-late August. And users can experience 5G applications in the coverage area such as the 7th CISM Military World Games venues and village.

( by Zhang Yawei)