Wuhan issues 500,000 free tickets for countryside tour

On August 4, the second Wuhan Rural Tourism Festival was opened. It will last until September 30, during which, the city will organize more than 100 themed activities in 28 categories.
At the launching ceremony, Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau introduced that 500,000 free tickets of 23 scenic spots will be provided to the public this year.
Anyone interested can reserve tickets through the WeChat public account of the Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau. With prior appointment, subscribers can board the especially offered shuttle bus or enter the scenic areas with the QR code.
How to make the reservation:
Time to book:
First time:
Time to book: 10:30 a.m., August 4 - 24:00, August 8
Time to visit: August 9 - September 1
Second time:
Time to book: 8 a.m., September 2– 24:00, September 6
Time to visit: September 7 - September 28
How to book:
Follow the official WeChat public account of "Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau 武汉市文化和旅游局(wuhanwenlv)" and click the button "惠民预约" to book your ticket.
(hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)