Wuhan International Theatre Festival to raise curtain tomorrow


In the Solitude of Cotton Fields 

The 6th Wuhan International Theatre Festival is scheduled to raise the curtain on September 5.

A total of 34 pieces from 7 countries, including Japan, England, France, the Netherlands, Estonia and Croatia,will be staged with more than 50 performances at the Zhongnan Theater during the festival.

This year’s festival will be inaugurated by The Young Beast, a play directed by Meng Jinghui. And other 3 pieces from his studio will also be presented during the festival.

Famous pieces from around the world will come to Wuhan, which embraces In the Solitude of Cotton Fields(France), The Hunchback of Notre Dame(Britain) and Wuthering Heights (Britain). Children's shows and musicals will also make their debuts.

The festival features live projection shows on the big screen. And 9 X-live Japanese and 6 from Europe and the United States will be screened at the Zhongnan Theater.

The festival will be held until December. Ticket prices for performances are set at 50 yuan.(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)