16th China•Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival wraps up

(photo source: Hubei Daily)

The 16th China·Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival was concluded on November 4, 2018, which gathered 300 guests from 11 countries and regions, and attracted around 15,000 spectators.

The festival, first held in 2003, becomes an indicator of China’s highest level of horse racing, which is also a grand festival of top jockeys and good horses from home and abroad. And Wuhan Orient Horse City International Racecourse is recognized as the first international standard racecourse in the central China, as well as one of China’s three regular-season platforms.

This year's festival embraced the high-level jumping. Zheng Wenjie from Hong Kong, the champion of 2018 FEI Jumping World Cup, won the champion of the Elite Challenge Tournament and the Masters Tournament of the festival.

“Wuhan citizens can enjoy watching the high-level jumping on the spot. Nowadays, the equestrian sports are greatly developing and getting close to the public life," the president of Wuhan Equestrian Association Li Zuoqing said.(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)