No. 276 Order of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government

It is hereby promulgated that the Measures of Wuhan Municipality for the Control of Outdoor Advertisement Installation have been adopted at the 198th Executive Meeting of Wuhan Municipal Peoples Government on December 12, 2016, and shall be implemented as of March 1, 2017. 


Mayor: Wan Yong 

January 4, 2017 


Measures of Wuhan Municipality for the Control of Outdoor Advertisement Installation  


Article 1   With a view to standardizing the installation control of outdoor advertisements in this Municipality, making reasonable use of outdoor advertising resources, purifying urban appearance environment, and serving the economic and social development, these Measures are formulated according to the Advertisement Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on the Administration of City Appearance and Environmental Health (Order No. 101 of the State Council), the Regulations of Wuhan Municipality on the Administration of City Appearance and Environmental Health, and other relevant laws and regulations, and in the light of the actual situation of this Municipality. 

Article 2   The outdoor advertisements as used in these Measures refer to the facilities that directly or indirectly introduce goods, services or public welfare by use of buildings (incl. structures, the same below), city roads, highways or traffic facilities, or by use of transport tools, airborne appliances or other outdoor carriers. 

These Measures shall be applicable to the outdoor advertisement installation as well as its control within the administrative areas of this Municipality. 

Article 3   The municipal department of city management shall be mainly responsible for the installation control of outdoor advertisements within the administrative areas of this Municipality. The departments of city management at the district level and the administrative committees of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Spot and Wuhan Chemical Industry Park shall, in accordance with the provisions of these Measures, be responsible for the installation control of outdoor advertisements within their respective administrative areas. 

The departments of industry and commerce, transport, public security, water affairs, gardening and forestry, land resources and planning, urban and rural construction, quality inspection, work safety, finance, and state-owned assets shall, in line with their respective responsibilities, perform well in the work related to the installation control of outdoor advertisements. 

Outdoor advertising industry associations shall formulate their codes and standards, strengthen their discipline, and cooperate with the departments of city management and other relevant departments in the installation control of outdoor advertisements. 

Article 4   Outdoor advertisements shall be installed under unified planning and in a standard and safe way, with rational layout, healthy contents and elegant appearance. 

Article 5   It is prohibited to install outdoor advertisements on the following carriers and in the following areas: 

(1) traffic, electricity, communications and postal facilities; 

(2) overpasses and pedestrian bridges; 

(3) road greenbelts and park green spaces; 

(4) construction control zones of schools, State organs, scenic spots, and cultural relic protection sites; 

(5) residential buildings and outstanding historical buildings; 

(6) lake waters, lake greenbelts, and mountain protection zones; and 

(7) other forbidden areas as provided by laws, regulations, and the Municipal People's Government. 

Article 6   Outdoor advertisement installation is prohibited when: 

(1) crossing city roads; 

(2) affecting the use of municipal public utilities and traffic facilities; 

(3) affecting the use of flood control facilities within the land use areas for dykes and other flood control facilities; 

(4) causing the changes in building styles, structures or facade colors; 

(5) affecting production or living; 

(6) damaging city appearance; or 

(7) Violating laws or regulations as provided otherwise. 

Article 7   It is strictly controlled to install outdoor advertisements by using municipal public utilities. 

Large outdoor billboards may not be installed within the third ring (not incl. the third ring) or within the construction control area of the fourth ring of this Municipality. 

Outdoor advertisements may not be installed on street lamp poles, unless during the periods of city-level major events, flags are installed temporarily as approved on street lamp poles around the activity sites and at some road sections. 

Article 8   In principle, outdoor advertisement facilities shall not be installed at the top of buildings. For a building of which the outside walls do not have appropriate conditions for outdoor advertisement installation and the height is under 90 meters or the number of floors is under 30, the entity having the ownership or use right of the whole aforesaid building may install on the roof an outdoor advertisement facility which, as a symbol of the entity or building, uses single blocks to indicate the name, brand and logo of the entity or building. 

Article 9   The municipal department of city management shall, jointly with the departments of land and planning, the traffic administrations under the public security organs, the departments of transport, water affairs, and quality control, and other departments concerned, formulate for this city a guide for outdoor advertisement installation (hereinafter referred to as the guide), which specifies the space layout, classification control areas and installation specifications of outdoor advertisements of the whole city. 

Article 10   A department of city management at the district level shall, based on the guide of the city, work out a detailed plan for outdoor advertisement installation at different road sections (hereinafter referred to as the detailed plan). Such detailed plan shall reserve a proper number of spaces for outdoor public welfare advertisements and give them reasonable layout. 

The municipal department of city management shall organize the formulation of detailed plans for the road sections incl. Wuhan Avenue, Changjiang Avenue, Zhongshan Avenue, Jiefang Avenue, Jianshe Avenue, Fazhan Avenue, Hanyang Avenue, Zhongnan Road, Zhongbei Road, Third Ring, Airport Highway, Belt Expressway and the core scenic areas on the banks of Changjiang River and Han River in Wuhan, and implement the detailed plans after obtaining the approval from the Municipal Peoples Government. 

The departments of city management at the district level shall organize the formulation of detailed plans for other urban roads and highways, and implement the detailed plans after obtaining the approval from the municipal department of city management. 

Article 11   The departments of city management at the municipal and district levels shall, before organizing the formulation of guide and detailed plans, solicit opinions from the departments and industries concerned as well as the public. 

The guide and the detailed plans shall not be changed without authorization; if it is really necessary to change, it shall be reported to the original approval authority for consent. 

Article 12   Outdoor advertisement installation within the administrative areas of this Municipality shall conform to the guide of this city and the detailed plans. 

Article 13   Outdoor advertisement installation shall be examined and approved in accordance with the following provisions: 

(1) Outdoor advertisement installation in Jiangan District, Jianghan District, Qiaokou District, Hanyang District, Wuchang District, Hongshan District, Qingshan District, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District), Wuhan East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Spot, and Wuhan Chemical Industry Park is subject to examination and approval by the municipal department of city management; 

(2) Outdoor advertisement installation in Caidian District, Jiangxia District, Dongxihu District, Huangpi District, and Xinzhou District is subject to examination and approval by the administrative departments of examination and approval of the relevant districts. 

Where it is also required to go through other procedures for examination and approval, the provisions of relevant laws and regulations shall apply. 

Article 14   An applicant shall submit the following documents for outdoor advertisement installation: 

(1) the qualification certificate for advertising business; 

(2) the certificate for the use right of advertising spaces; and 

(3) the installation plan and safety construction scheme. 

For an applicant who installs self-publicity advertisements using his/her own outdoor advertising spaces, the provisions of Item (1) in the preceding paragraph shall not apply. 

An installation plan of outdoor advertisements shall include a location map, a background image, day and night effect pictures, and the construction drawings approved by an examination authority with corresponding qualifications. 

Article 15   For the examination and approval of outdoor advertisement installation, the following provisions shall apply: 

(1) The applications for outdoor advertisement installation shall be uniformly accepted by an administrative department of examination and approval; 

(2) Where an application shall be governed by another department concerned as provided by law, an administrative department of examination and approval shall hand over the application materials to such department concerned for approval or consent, and the latter shall, within 15 working days as of receipt of the application materials, feed back its written comments of approval or consent to the administrative department of examination and approval; 

(3) An administrative department of examination and approval shall make a decision on approval or disapproval according to the guide of this city, the detailed plans and the approval documents or written comments of other departments concerned; if an application is rejected, reasons shall be given to the applicant in writing. 

During examination of billboards, an administrative department of examination and approval shall solicit opinions from relevant supervisory authorities in terms of the structural safety. 

Article 16   Where outdoor advertisements are installed on new, reconstructed or extended buildings, the relevant procedures shall be fulfilled with the departments of land and planning and the departments of urban and rural construction according to law. 

Article 17   The area of wall advertising on a new commercial building shall not exceed 30% of the wall area. Its installation plan shall be incorporated in the design scheme of building façade, and its construction shall be carried out along with the works of building facade. 

Article 18    The period for licensed outdoor advertisement installation may: 

(1) not exceed three months for temporary outdoor advertisements; 

(2) be one to six years for large billboards or electronic boards (screens); or 

(3) be one to three years for other outdoor advertisements. 

Where outdoor advertising spaces are obtained by auction or bidding as provided by these Measures, the licensing period for advertisement installation is the same with that for advertising spaces, but shall not exceed six years. 

Article 19   An outdoor advertisement installer shall, within 90 days as of the date of approval, complete the installation works according to the guide of this city and the relevant provisions on safe production, and submit the construction supervision report and final acceptance report and other materials related to the installation works to an administrative department of examination and approval for the record. 

Article 20   Where it is necessary to change the installation matters that have been approved, an installer shall go through the relevant change procedures with an administrative department of examination and approval. 

Article 21   An outdoor advertisement installer who requires a continuation of installation after expiry of the current licensed installation shall, within 30 days before the expiry of installation period, go through the procedures for examination and approval anew according to the provisions of these Measures; where a continuation of installation is not approved, an installer shall dismantle the advertisements within 15 days as of the expiry date. 

An installer shall dismantle temporary outdoor advertisements within three days as of the expiry date of licensed installation. 

Article 22   Where advanced dismantling of outdoor advertisements before their expiry date is needed due to urban construction, a developer shall file an application to an administrative department of examination and approval of outdoor advertisement installation. An administrative department of examination and approval shall notify the involved outdoor advertisement installers to dismantle their advertisements. 

In the event of advanced dismantling, an outdoor advertisement installer shall be compensated according to law. 

Article 23   An outdoor advertisement whose installation has been approved shall use standardized language and convey true, healthy and legitimate messages, and the approval document number for installation and the name of installer shall be indicated at the lower right corner of the picture. 

Commercial advertisements shall not be released on the outdoor facilities for public welfare advertisements. With respect to outdoor facilities for other types of advertisements, if a space has been vacant for more than 15 days, a public welfare advertisement shall be installed in such space; and the proportion of area or time of public welfare advertisements shall not be less than 10%. 

Article 24   For outdoor advertisements whose installation has been approved, an installer shall perform the following management responsibilities: 

(1) keeping the outdoor advertisements neat and in good conditions, and organizing timely maintenance; 

(2) ensuring the normal operation of lighting facilities, and turning on the lighting facilities in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Municipality; 

(3) regularly checking the safety of outdoor advertisements, setting up hazard warning signs while eliminating hidden safety troubles promptly, designating field workers to prevent accidents, and taking safety precautions in bad weather; 

(4) for outdoor advertisements whose main body is in metal structure, entrusting a quality inspection institution with legal qualifications to conduct safety inspection every 2 years, and submitting an inspection report to an administrative department of examination and approval; if the safety inspection result is unacceptable, timely making corrections to meet the safety requirements; and 

(5) other responsibilities as stipulated by laws, regulations and rules. 

Article 25   An administrative department of examination and approval shall strengthen safety supervision and management over the approved outdoor advertisement installation, supervise installers to perform their safety management responsibility, formulate an emergency plan for major safety accidents of outdoor advertisements and organize its implementation, and maintain public security, and may entrust the outdoor advertising industry associations to organize safety inspections and rectifications. 

Article 26   The outdoor advertising industry associations may, under the guidance of the municipal department of city management, formulate industrial safety evaluation standards and codes and organize safety evaluation activities; the evaluation results shall be made known to the industry or the public. 

Article 27   Any citizens, legal persons or other organizations shall have the right to complain or report the behaviors in violation of the provisions of these Measures to the administrative departments of examination and approval. An administrative department of examination and approval shall make its complaint or report hotline known to the public, investigate and deal with the complaints or reports promptly, and notify the complainants or reporters of the investigation and punishment results; where a case falls within the responsibility of another department according to law, it shall be handed over timely to the corresponding department for investigation and punishment. 

Article 28   With respect to outdoor advertisement instillation at urban traffic stops or rail transit stations, or on airport expressway or urban rings, or other road sections specified by the detailed plans, the use right of outdoor advertising spaces shall be granted by means of auction or bidding according to law. 

The owners of commercial buildings are encouraged and guided to grant the use right of outdoor advertising spaces within the scope of detailed plans by means of auction or bidding. 

Article 29   Whoever commits any of the following acts in violation of these Measures shall be punished as follows by a law enforcement department of city management at the district level: 

(1) An installer who has installed outdoor advertisements without approval shall be ordered to make corrections or dismantle the advertisements within a prescribed time limit, and concurrently be fined RMB2,000 per square meter of the area of outdoor advertisements, but the maximum amount is RMB100,000. 

(2) Whoever fails to install outdoor advertisements within the prescribed time limit or according to the guide of this city, or to submit as provided the construction supervision report and final acceptance report concerning the installation works, or to change without authorization the installation matters that have been approved shall be ordered to make corrections or dismantle the advertisements within a prescribed time limit; if a violator fails to making corrections within the prescribed time limit, a fine of not less than RMB2,000 but not more than RMB10,000 shall be imposed; 

(3) Whoever fails to indicate the approval document number and its name on outdoor advertisements, or releases commercial advertisements on the dedicated outdoor facilities for public welfare advertisements, or fails to install public welfare advertisements on vacant outdoor advertising spaces or as per the specified proportion shall be ordered to make corrections within a prescribed time limit; if a violator fails to making corrections within the prescribed time limit, a fine of not less than RMB1,000 but not more than RMB5,000 shall be imposed; 

(4) Whoever fails to keep outdoor advertisements clean and in good conditions or to turn on lighting facilities as provided shall be ordered to make corrections within a prescribed time limit; a violator who fails to making corrections within the prescribed time limit shall be ordered to dismantle the advertisements within a prescribed time limit and fined concurrently not less than RMB50 but not more than RMB500; 

(5) Whoever fails to take safety precautions as provided, or to arrange safety inspections on outdoor advertisements and to submit an inspection report shall be ordered to make corrections within a prescribed time limit and concurrently fined not less than RMB3,000 but not more than RMB20,000; if the result of a safety inspection is unacceptable, and the safety requirements still cannot be met after corrections, such violator shall be ordered to dismantle the advertisements within a prescribed time limit and fined concurrently not less than RMB3,000 but not more than RMB20,000. 

Article 30   If an installer fails to dismantle outdoor advertisements as provided within a prescribed time limit, a law enforcement department for city management shall apply to a people's court for compulsory execution in accordance with the law; where illegal construction is involved or the standard for urban appearance or environmental sanitation is not met, law enforcement department may carry out compulsory dismantling in accordance with the law. 

Article 31   Where personal injury or property damage is caused due to collapse or falling of outdoor advertisements, an installer shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility in accordance with the law. 

Article 32   Functionaries of the administrative departments of examination and approval or the law enforcement departments for city management who fail to perform or neglect their statutory duties, abuse their power or engage in malpractices for personal gains during their installation control of outdoor advertisements shall be investigated for administrative responsibilities by the entities to which they belong or by the superior competent departments according to law; those suspected of being involved in crimes shall be transferred to the judicial organs for the investigation of criminal responsibilities according to law. 

Article 33   These Measures shall come into force as of March 1, 2017. The Measures of Wuhan Municipality for the Control of Outdoor Advertisement Installation promulgated on December 5, 2007 by the Municipal People’s Government shall be repealed therefrom. 




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